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Digital innovation to provide better chances for skilled crafts and trades in the future.
Through this digital transformation we not only lay the foundation for sustainable structures and processes, but also for advanced solutions for our customers. We have developed strategies for the increase of productivity via intelligent processes. BSU Holding coordinates the activities of its highly specialized subsidiaries and uses synergetic effects.


Division for remediation and restoration

Competence and professionalism in cleaning up asbestos and other contaminated material.

Construction and Engineering Society

BIM supports the planning and development of house enlargements, additions of stories and new buildings.

Building Technology

Concepts of installation for industry and trade, innovative automation of buildings.

Project Service

Competent management and innovative processes for the restoration of fire and water damage.


Discover the world of Expocover.


BSU has been nominated in the competition „Großer Preis des Mittelstands“

(„Great prize of small and medium-sized businesses“).

To be nominated for this award is an honor itself and is an acknowledgement of the highest standards. We are highly motivated to win.


Together we are strong.

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We are more than a company.
We are BSU.


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Executive Board

Mike Ortmann

Managing Director BSU Holding GmbH

+49 3342 249335 120

+49 176 55 37 66 00

Heiko Ludwig

Managing Director BSU Holding GmbH

+49 3342 249335 130

+49 171 35 01 272


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