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The BSU ACADEMY is an innovative and future-oriented
training offensive of BSU Holding GmbH.


Our goal is to make the skilled trades attractive again for young people in the future. Digital processes, innovative products in the construction industry and the use of state-of-the-art technology create completely new perspectives for the future, especially for young and enthusiastic people. Our goal is to train you to become a true all-rounder. You will work in all areas of the highly specialized subsidiaries and, after 36 months of training, you will be a fully-fledged member of our holding company.


The Academy´s Career Opportunities

Academy graduate

Our goal is to train you to become a complete all-round talent. You will go through all areas of the highly specialized subsidiaries and after a training period of 36 months you will be a fully-fledged member of our holding company. If you are interested, we offer you the opportunity to take an exam to become a skilled construction finishing worker after 3 years of practical work and a further 2 months of preparation.

Apprenticeship training

You will alternate between the company and a vocational school. At the BSU, you will learn the practical side of the profession of a painter and varnisher and take on specific tasks. At the vocational school, you will be taught the theoretical background. During your training, you will keep a record of your tasks and activities as a training certificate. In it, you record what tasks and contents you have learned during your training as a painter and varnisher.

School internship

You want a student internship that suits you to a T? Are you interested in what you can create with your own hands? Would you like to find out what kind of work really makes you happy? An internship at the BSU Academy should help you on. Find a field of activity within our holding. Craftsmanship is versatile, innovative and, above all, visible in its results. We are looking forward to you.

Working student/student trainee

As an intern at the BSU, you can orient yourself professionally and gain insights into various areas. You have a mentor to whom you can turn.
As a working student at the BSU, you not only earn money from the very berginning, but you also gain professional experience and get to know our company intensively. Be it in the commercial or technical field, we will make you fit for the future in our company. Become a fully-fledged member of our team.

In-company and advanced training

What are you waiting for? Join us and earn your money with your own hands. Find your fulfillment in a versatile activity. Are you also interested in further education, in qualifying yourself, catching up on a degree or finishing it?
We will support you. You will make your way with the help of the opportunities offered by our BSU Academy.

The Academy Trainee Stations


BSU division for remediation and restoration

Your first stop

  • As part of an experienced team, you will learn how to professionally remove pollutants such as asbestos, artificial mineral wool, tar-containing products and much more.
  • You will develop into an experienced contaminant remediator and become familiar with legal regulations, technical rules as well as health and safety at work
  • You will learn how to work with the latest remediation technology
  • You will create safe measurements, document your work and cooperate closely with the back office.
  • You will learn both the safe handling of hazardous waste and documentation and record keeping
  • You will acquire the expertise in handling asbestos and artificial mineral fibers as well as the expertise for working in contaminated areas in accordance with the DGUV.

Duration: 9 months


Duration: 12 months

BSU Project Service

Your second station

  • You will learn the professional removal of water and fire damage in an experienced team.
  • You will develop into an experienced fire and water damage restoration specialist and become familiar with legal regulations, technical rules and health and safety at work
  • You will be able to set up, monitor and document modern drying systems
  • We will teach you all the necessary knowledge and skills in handling cleaning chemicals for cleaning fire damage and decontaminating mold-infested rooms.
  • We will turn you into a specialist for water damage restoration / drying technology
  • In the field of painting and varnishing, you will learn the basic techniques and carry out simple preparation and painting work.
  • We will teach you the basics in spheres like flooring, masonry, drywall installation and tiling.


BSU Building Services

Your third station

  • Our experienced and long-serving plumbers will teach you the basic skills of a gas and water fitter
  • You will gain an insight into the installation of state-of-the-art heating systems and become a reliable assistant to our fitters.
  • You will be able to carry out simple installation work under supervision and support your mentor in completing installation tasks.
  • You will use digital devices to manage orders, create quotations and maintain close contact with your back office at BSU Haustechnik.
  • You will be familiarized with all the latest innovations in building automation
  • You will specialize in the area of smart homes in particular

Duration: 11 months


Duration: 4 months

BSU Construction and Engineering Company

Your fourth station

  • We will teach you the basics of the digital planning of buildings and building components as well as visualization.
  • You will develop into the perfect assistant to our engineers and assist our planning department
  • You will carry out simple assembly work on lightweight steel frame constructions based on planning documents.
  • You will learn to understand and read technical drawings
  • You will learn to plan, manage and implement projects

Become part of the BSU Academy
and set off into a secure future.

Take advantage of your future opportunities in an innovative company and enter
new paths in the craft sector together with us.
We don’t believe in the classic application, but want to get to know you personally.
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